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0 Weld Joint Mine Hoist Disc Brake CITIC HIC Machine Parts and hoist parts

China Luoyang Zhongtai Industrial Co., Ltd. certification
China Luoyang Zhongtai Industrial Co., Ltd. certification
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0 Weld Joint Mine Hoist Disc Brake CITIC HIC Machine Parts and hoist parts

0 Weld Joint Mine Hoist Disc Brake CITIC HIC Machine Parts and hoist parts
0 Weld Joint Mine Hoist Disc Brake CITIC HIC Machine Parts and hoist parts 0 Weld Joint Mine Hoist Disc Brake CITIC HIC Machine Parts and hoist parts 0 Weld Joint Mine Hoist Disc Brake CITIC HIC Machine Parts and hoist parts 0 Weld Joint Mine Hoist Disc Brake CITIC HIC Machine Parts and hoist parts

Large Image :  0 Weld Joint Mine Hoist Disc Brake CITIC HIC Machine Parts and hoist parts

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZTIC
Certification: ISO
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: >=1 Pieces
Price: $100.00
Packaging Details: Standard packing or according to customer's requirement
Supply Ability: 100.0 Piece/Pieces per Week
Detailed Product Description
Condition: New Warranty: 1 YEAR
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Construction Works , Energy & Mining Local Service Location: Viet Nam, Indonesia, Australia, Argentina
Showroom Location: None Type: Disc Brake
Machine Type: Mine Hoist Use: Mining, Mine Hoist
Port: Qingdao ,tianjin ,shanghai
High Light:

mine hoist Disc brake


0 Weld Joint Hoist Disc Brake


Non Asbestos Hoist Disc Brake

Product Description


The lifting system is the throat of the mine production. The brake device is the last and most critical safety guarantee system for the hoist. The main realization form is the disc brake. During the mine production process, the disc brake brake shoe frequently communicates with the brake disc. Friction is used to control the normal operation of the hoist, and once the brake shoe fails, it will cause a major accident at the hoist. The disc brakes are used for work braking and emergency braking on mine hoists, and their drive and control are performed by separate hydraulic stations. The brake can replace the function of the locker. Each brake is equipped with a shut-off valve. When the brake is inspected, it can be paid in one go. The disc brake is composed of a brake shoe, a disc spring, a hydraulic component, a liner with a cylinder, a seal ring and a brake body. It is provided by a butterfly spring to provide braking force and the pressure oil supplied by the hydraulic station to release the brake.


The new TS series disc brakes have the following technical features:
1. Use the rear disc brake of the cylinder to avoid the hydraulic oil contaminating the brake disc.
2. The main oil circuit uses a built-in integrated oil circuit system to supply oil to each brake to reduce oil leakage.
3. The external pipeline adopts the finishing pipe and the ferrule joint, which truly achieves the 0-weld joint.
4. Use non-asbestos environmentally friendly brake shoes.
5. The exposed surface of the brake is nickel plated.

Maintenance and precautions for the operation of the brakes and common faults and treatment methods


1. The brake shoe shall not be viscous oil. There shall be no oil in the brake disc during use, so as not to reduce the friction coefficient of the brake shoe to affect the braking force;

2. The brake shoe clearance should be checked frequently during normal use. If the brake shoe clearance exceeds 2mm, it should be adjusted in time to avoid affecting the braking force;

3. Mines used for heavy objects cannot be mechanically braked. This will cause the brake disc to heat up. Once an emergency situation occurs, it will affect the braking torque and cause a major accident. Therefore, dynamic braking should be used.

4. When replacing the brake shoe, pay attention to the brake shoe. If the size is not met, it should be repaired;

5. When the hoist is in normal operation, if it is thought that the brake cylinder is leaking oil, the seal ring should be replaced in time;

6. When repairing the brake disc, the container should be placed on the bottom of the well or the tank at the wellhead (empty container), or the two containers should be lifted to the intermediate balance for maintenance. There should be one or two brakes in the brake state during maintenance.

7. The insufficient roughness of the brake disc and the large yaw amount on the end face of the brake disc will accelerate the wear of the brake shoe. It is recommended that the brake disc be heavy;

8. Single rope hoist due to the wear of the main bearing bushing causes large axial displacement of the brake disc, which will accelerate the wear of the brake shoe. It is recommended to repair the bearing bush of the main bearing;

9. When the hoist is found to be slow in normal operation, apply the bleed valve to deflate;

10. The butterfly spring group should be inspected every year or after 5*10 5th braking action;

Inspection method: Firstly, the brake is in the full braking state, and the pressure oil is gradually injected into the hydraulic tank, so that the pressure in the brake cylinder is gradually increased, and the brakes are released one by one under different pressures, and different brake shoes are recorded. The release pressure, in which the maximum oil pressure and the minimum oil pressure should not exceed 10% of the maximum working pressure, otherwise the butterfly spring in the brake with the lowest oil pressure should be replaced;

11. Improvement of the connection method between brake shoe and lining: In the past, the connection between the brake shoe and the lining plate was made of 6 copper screws, which not only reduced the contact area of the brake shoe, but also shortened the service life of the brake shoe, and the copper screw was easy to use. Looseness caused the phenomenon of scratching the brake disc. See the suggestion that the site be replaced by a plug-in type, that is, the brake shoe is cut into a stop into the lining.

12. Common faults and treatment methods


1. The brake does not open the brake: the reason is that the hydraulic station has no oil pressure or insufficient oil pressure should check the hydraulic station;

2. The brake can't be braked: the cause may be damage to the hydraulic station or brake. If it is stuck, check the hydraulic station and brake repair.

3. The braking time is long, the sliding distance is long when braking, and the braking force is small. The reason may be:

a. Overloaded, speeding

b. The brake shoe gap is too large

c. Oil on brakes and brake shoes

d. The butterfly spring is faulty, find out the cause and take corrective measures

4. Brake shoes are unevenly worn and wear is not fast: the reason is that the brakes are not installed correctly, the brake disc yaw is too large, the tilting or the spindle tilt is too large, and the causes are identified separately.

5. The brakes and brakes are slow for the following reasons:

a. The hydraulic system has air

b. The brake shoe gap is too large

c. Damage to the seal, identify the cause and repair

Tower multi rope friction mine hoist

Model Wheel diameter Wire Rope


ascension speed

Reducer Size
maximum static tension
m kN m/s Model Speed ratio m
JKM-1.3×4(Ⅰ)E   100 5 XP550 11.5 6.4×6.5×1.6
JKM-1.6×4(Ⅰ)E   150 8 XP560 7.35
JKM-1.85×4(Ⅰ)E   210 10 XP800 7×7.5×2.02
JKM-2×4(Ⅰ)E 2 230
10 XP800 7×8×2.2
JKM-2.25×4(Ⅰ)E 2 215 10 XP800 7.4×8×2.3
JKM-2.8×4(Ⅰ)E 2.5 335 14 XP1000 8.5×10×2.65
JKM-2.8×4(Ⅱ)E P2H630 7.5×8.5×2.65
JKM-2.8×6(Ⅰ)E 2.5 500 14 XP1120 8×8.5×2.68
JKM-2.8×6(Ⅱ)E P2H800 7.5×8.5×2.68
JKM-2.8×6(Ⅲ)E   7.5×8×2.7
JKM-3.25×4(Ⅰ)E 3 450 14 XP1120 7.35
JKM-3.25×4(Ⅱ)E P2H800 8.5×8.7×2.98
JKM-3.5×6(Ⅰ)E 3 790 14 XP1250 11.5×9.2×3.15
JKM-3.5×6(Ⅱ)E P2H900 10.5×9.2×3.15
JKM-3.5×6(Ⅲ)E   8×9×3.2
JKM-4×4(Ⅰ)E 3.2 690 14 XP1250 7.35
JKM-4×4(Ⅱ)E P2H900 9×10×3.63
JKM-4×4(Ⅲ)E     7.5×9×3.63
JKM-4×6(Ⅲ)E 3.2 1030     9×9×3.63
JKM-4.5×6(Ⅲ)E 3.6 1330 16 12×9.5×3.9
JKM-5×6(Ⅲ)E 4 1600    

Floor type multi rope friction mine hoist

Model Wheel diameter Wire Rope


ascension speed

Reduces Size
maximum static tension



m kN mm m/s Model Ratio m
JKMD-2.25×2(Ⅰ)E 2.25 105 22 10 ZZP560(2) 11.5 7.7×9×2.1
JKMD-2.25×4(Ⅰ)E 215 XP800(2) 7.35
JKMD-2.8×2(Ⅱ)E 2.8 165 28 XP800(2) 7.8×10×2.65
JKMD-2.8×4(Ⅰ)E 335 XP1000(2) 8.5×10×2.65
JKMD-2.8×4(Ⅱ)E P2H800(2) 7.5×10×2.65
JKMD-3.5×2(Ⅰ)E 3.5 265 35 XP1000(2) 7×9.5×3.02
JKMD-3.5×4(Ⅰ)E 525 13 XP1120(2) 8.5×9.5×3
JKMD-3.5×4(Ⅱ)E P2H800(2) 8×9.5×3.02
JKMD-3.5×4(Ⅲ)E   7.5×9.5×3.0
JKMD-4×2(Ⅰ)E 4 340 39.5 12 XP1120(2) 7.35



JKMD-4×2(Ⅱ)E P2800(2) 7.8×10×3.4
JKMD-4×4(Ⅰ)E 680 14 XP1250(2) 11×10×3.4
JKMD-4×4(Ⅱ)E P2H900(2) 10.5×10×3.4
JKMD-4×4(Ⅲ)E   8.1×8.7×3.4
JKMD-4.5×4(Ⅲ)E 4.5 900 45   9.5×9.5×3.7
JKMD-5×4(Ⅲ)E 5 1070 50   9.5×10×4
JKMD-5.5×4(Ⅲ)E 5.5 1300 55   11×10.5×4.5
JKMD-5.7×4(Ⅲ)E 5.7 1500 57    
JKMD-6×4(Ⅲ)E 6 1570 57  

Single-Sope Winding Mining Hoist

Model Drum



Tension Differe









speed ratio









Dia Widlth One-laye Two-laye Three-laye
m kN mm m m/s r/min
JK-2×1.5/20 1 2.0 1.5 62 24 305 650 1025 5.2 20.0 1000
JK-2×1.5/31.5 31.5
JK-2×1.8/20 1.80 375 797 1246 20.0
JK-2×1.8/31.5 31.5
JK-2.5×2/20 2.5 2.00 83 28 448 945 1475 5.0 20.0 750
JK-2.5×2/31.5 31.5
JK-2.5×2.3/20 2.30 525 1100 1712 20.0
JK-2.5×2.3/31.5 31.5
JK-3×2.2/20 3.0 2.20 135 36 458 966 1513 6.0 20.0
2JK-2×1/11.2 2 2.0 1.00 62 40 24 182 406 652 7.0 11.2
2JK-2×1/20 20.0
2JK-2×1/31.5 31.5
2JK-2×1.25/11.2 1.25 242 528 838 11.2
2JK-2×1.25/20 20.0
2JK-2×1.25/31.5 31.5
2JK-2.5×1.2/11.2 2.5 1.20 83 65 28 843 8.8 11.2
2JK-2.5×1.2/20 20.0
2JK-2.5×1.2/31.5 31.5
2JK-2.5×1.5/11.2 2.5 1.50 83 65 28 319 685 1080 8.8 11.2
2JK-2.5×1.5/20 20.0
2JK-2.5×1.5/31.5 31.5
2JK-3×1.5/11.2 3.0 135 90 36 289 624 994 10.5 11.2
2JK-3×1.5/20 20.0
2JK-3×1.5/31.5 31.5
2JK-3×1.8/11.2 1.80 362 770 1217 11.2
2JK-3×1.8/20 20.0
2JK-3×1.8/31.5 31.5
2JK-3.5×1.7/11.2 3.5 1.70 170 115 40 349 746 - 12.6 11.2
2JK-3.5×1.7/20 20.0
2JK-3.5×2.1/11.2 2.10 450 950 - 11.2
2JK-3.5×2.1/11.2 20.0
2JK-4×2.1/10 4.0 245 160 48 421 891 - 12.6 10.0 600
2JK-4×2.1/11.2 11.2
2JK-4×2.1/20 20.0
2JK-5×2.3/10 5.0 2.30 280 180 52 533 - - 12 10.0 500
2JK-5×2.3/11.2 11.2

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